My Nonprofit is Mind Body Solutions

For obvious reasons, my particular story initially has gained the most traction in the fields of healing, recovery and healthcare. I know firsthand that a mind-body approach transforms the experience of living with a disability. This led me to create Mind Body Solutions, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to transforming trauma, loss and disability into hope and potential by awakening the connection between mind and body. Our goal is not only to make a mind-body approach mainstream, but also to show that it produces better outcomes while also being cost-effective. As a result, Mind Body Solutions offers products, programs and mind-body learning opportunities for people living with disabilities. We also have developed an institutional mind-body approach to rehabilitation that focuses on teaching mind-body awareness to employees who in turn teach it to clients. This groundbreaking approach is being implemented and studied at the Courage Center, a leading rehabilitation provider located in Golden Valley, Minn. The quantified results have been remarkable.

Currently, I work with disability and healthcare to demonstrate the practicality of a shift toward increasing mind-body awareness. My view is simple. The more connected patients are to their bodies as they leave the healthcare system, the better they will take care of themselves, and the less likely they will be to re-enter the system. This will save money. Fortunately, the most effective way to create a system like this is to help healthcare employees connect to their own bodies. This, in turn, creates great value and cost savings for employers.